White Walls App

In collaboration with Savage Customs, White Walls IOS was released in late 2014. this was originally conceived a promotional material, however its success in the IOS app store has made it a useful tool to car lovers who want to preview vehicle customization. And assist them in making a modification decision. Completely Designed by an Australian developer with graphics and audio supplied by Savage Customs.

*Development is underway for the google play store



Astro Mission App

Retro styled action packed space shooter for all ages in 3D graphics, with 9 levels and 3 difficulty settings. make your way through the galaxy as a hero, gliding through space in the CX1 space ship.

World Clocks Application

World Clock app was designed as a front end visual aid. usually used for promotional material and accurate Weather, financial and time data which is pulled from online api data feeds, providing accurate data which is only cached for a short amount of time.at the moment this application has been customised for a small group of companies, however it is being developed for mainstream use. some new features will include: 2d/3d logo integration, timed slide show with customization, seasonal themed visualizations, stock exchange data. we are looking forward to a beta in early 2018 and a first major release to follow.